Armstrong Calls Cindy Ternes

November 12, 2010

Defense attorney Mitch Armstrong calls WSI Director of Finance Cindy Ternes.  Her direct supervisor had been James Long. 

She testified that in March of 2007, accounts payable specialist Jessica Schmitke complained to her.  Schmitke had gone to the elevator after hours and witnessed Long hitting Peltz hard on the butt.  She said Peltz had a folder and hit him on the head.  She didn't think they thought anyone was around.  Although Schmitke told Ternes this story in March of 2007, the event had happened in January, but she did not bring it up because she said she was afraid of retaliation.

Ternes said she didn't know who to go to because she couldn't go to her boss, who was Long, or human resources Peltz, so she talked with Tim Hutchings who said she had 24 hours to go to Sandy Blunt.  She did not give any names but Blunt wanted to meet with Jessica.  Jessica originally agreed to a meeting but backed out.  Blunt said he would have a sexual harassment awareness meeting.  

Ternes described another event which made her uncomfortable.  She said she accompanied Long to Peltz' office one day.  Peltz threw an ink pen at his chest.  He said, Billie I can't believe you did that.

Ternes said that Peltz also would bring Long coffee with big lips on the tops.

When asked whether Long made any comments regarding Halvorson as CEO, she recalled that Long said Halvorson would need some help and that he was not a good public speaker.  She said Long was distraught that Halvorson was the CEO, that he was physically ill and almost scary. 

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