Armstrong Calls Jessica Schmitke

November 15, 2010

Schmitke worked in accounts payable.  She testified that she stayed late one evening and witnessed Jim Long slap Billie on her buttocks.  She said Peltz took a stack of papers and slapped him on the arm.  They all got in the elevator.  Peltz addressed her but Long did not. 

She brought the incident up to her supervisor, Cindy Ternes, who tried to set up a meeting with Blunt.   She initially agreed, but fearing for her job she chose not to give her name. 

Tom Tuntland noted that she had waited two or three months after the incident to report it.  She said she did tell a fellow worker who encouraged her to talk, but she did not.  She also said she did not tell Halvorson what happened. 

Defense attorney Armstrong then asked if that incident was consistent with other conduct between Peltz and Long.  She said it was. 

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