Long v North Dakota - Outside the Jury's Presence

A couple things of note regarding attorneys' discussions with Judge Goodman outside the jury's presence. 

Plaintiff attorney Tuntland noted that during jury selection, Defendant attorney Randy Bakke had asked potential jurors whether they thought people should be fired for sexual harassment, and got a positive reaction.  Tuntland said he wanted to introduce evidence that others at WSI had engaged in sexual harassment and were not fired.  Defendant attorney Bakke said the only issue is whether Halvorson terminated Long for the whistleblower case, and did not know whether such evidence would be admitted, and in any case, the judge had already ruled that inadmissable.  Judge Goodman advised Tuntland that he would allow him to make an offer of proof as to what he would get by offering that testimony, and he would consider it on a case by case basis.

The other notable exchange involved having this reporter blogging about the trial.  Defendant attorney Bakke told the judge that Chad Nodland's blog, NorthDecoder.com, was streaming information online, and that there is a reporter in the courtroom right now.

Judge Goodman said he had ruled that there could be no laptops or internet streaming of the trial, but "it is not reasonable to exclude non-electronic means in the courtroom."  He said he would continue to admonish jurors not to read blogs.

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  1. Thank goodness the rest of us get to read blogs. Did the judge also admonish jurors not to read news accounts in other media outlets? Certainly there is major media interest, right?