Tuntland Calls Quinn

November 9, 2010

Retired Special Agent with the Bureau of Criminal Investigations.  Quinn testified Assistant States Attorney Cynthia Feland asked him to interview Jim Long about David Spencer and sick leave issue.  During the course of that meeting Long provided him with the Armstrong journal.  Quinn read it later and then passed it along to the States Attorney.  A search warrant for Armstrong's office was subsequently executed. 

Quinn said when he arrived at the WSI office it was around closing time and the receptionist was not familiar with search warrant laws and didn't know whether she had the authority to let him in, so she decided to call her supervisor.  Quinn said Jim Long arrived and let him and Highway Patrolman Shannon Henke into the building.  He testified Armstrong was there and wanted a copy of the journal so he made a copy for him but took the original.  Tuntland asked whether there were concerns of violations of law in the journal.  Quinn said whether there were specific law violations was not my interpretation, but the part about removing documents from WSI was concerning to the States Attorney.  Tuntland established that he and Long had a meeting with Quinn and asked whether Quinn was pulled off the investigation.  He replied, he was never assigned to investigate. 

Tuntland:  Did you report to the States Attorney's office?
Quinn:  Yes.
Tuntland:  Were you aware the States Attorney took themselves off the investigation?
Quinn:  I'm sure.
Tuntland:  Do you know if Mr. Riha withdrew his office from the investigation?
Quinn:  I believe the States Attorney asked the Attorney General to investigate.

Defense attorney Mitch Armstrong then questioned Quinn. 

Armstrong:  Did Mr. Long tell you how he got the journal?
Quinn:  Yes.
Armstrong:  He said he removed it from Armstrong's office?
Quinn:  Yes.
Armstrong:  Did you ask if he had authority?
Quinn:  Yes.  He said he did not.
Armstrong:  That's reflected in your report?
Quinn:  Yes.
Armstrong:  Regarding the execution of the search warrant, were you mad as hell the front desk person wouldn't let you in?
Quinn:  No.  I explained to her that it was required by law and she had no choice.
Armstrong:  Regarding the secret documents, did you later come to learn they were not WSI documents?
Quinn:  Yes.
Armstrong:  That by affidavit from a person saying what they were?
Quinn:  Yes.
Armstrong:  Lots of resources would have been saved if they had just asked the person?
Quinn:  Possibly.   I don't know who they would have asked.
Armstrong:  Long told you he took the journal from the drawer?
Quinn:  Yes.
Armstrong:  Do you recall that he told you someone else took it out of the drawer?
Quinn:  No.  I would have written that down.
Armstrong:  Mr. Quinn, you never told Long to file a whistlelbower complaint?
Quinn:  No.
Armstrong:  Long told you he took the journal, did not have the authority to look at it, and gave it to two other people?
Quinn:  Correct. 

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