FCC Regulators Play the Shell Game with Broadcasters: What Really Happened in the Sinclair/Tribune FCC Investigation

 January 25, 2024

Originally published at Project Censored

(Note: Because this includes information obtained via a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, this piece required a lot of explanation. It is long, so I'm just providing headlines here. Click "Read More" for the entire article.)

THE AIR BELONGS TO US – But they’re trying to take it away
BROADCASTERS TO FCC: We don’t need no stinkin’ rules!
PARTY ON – Behind the scenes with broadcasters and their regulators
MASQUERADE BALL – They’re not who they say they are
THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN – How far will he pull it back? Not too far
THE BIG REVEAL – What the FCC and Sinclair didn’t want us to know
IT AIN’T OVER UNTIL IT’S OVER – It’s time for a reckoning

Freedom of Information Act - FCC's Consent Decree Negotiation with Sinclair re: the Tribune Merger

January 23, 2024

After more than two years of Freedom of Information Act litigation, the FCC released the documents underlying its Consent Decree negotiation with Sinclair after its failed merger with Tribune Broadcasting.

Many thanks to my attorney Arthur Belendiuk for his dedication in bringing this to a successful conclusion. I have had the docs for a while, but only recently found a publisher for the accompanying story. 

Full story at Project Censored January 25.

FOIA Releases:

Sinclair Response to June 25 2019 LOI Final

Final Document Production Documents