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Right Wing Hit Media 400: "Disabling Journalism to Destroy Progressive Thought"

Case study:   James O'Keefe's "Project Veritas"  

Goal:  Defund National Public Radio 

1) Set up phony Muslim Organization to offer $5 million donation to NPR;

2) Secretly videotape meeting between NPR fundraiser and phony Muslim donors;

3) Cut out all ethical statements by NPR;  edit video to mislead viewers about bias by NPR reporters and staff;

4) Farm video out to all major news organizations;  get media critic Howard Kurtz to do softball TV interview ignoring the deception; specifically get FOX news to promote the deception as fact.

5) Leverage publicity so the GOP can introduce an emergency House bill to defund NPR

"Project Veritas" is textbook O'Keefe, whose phony ACORN story (discounted by the BradBlog but promoted by the New York Times, who reluctantly issued a partial correction) effectively closed down that community organizing group, despite attorney generals' investigations that ACORN had been duped by O'Keefe and had done nothing illegal. (O'Keefe, however, has pled guilty to breaking federal laws in similar sting operations.) Similar tactics have recently been employed against Planned Parenthood.

But here's the real story:  this new model of attacking politcal opponents by staging outlandish phony hidden camera stings is just the latest of strategies developed over a generation to blur the line between fact and fiction. 

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