Media Action Center Files Legal Action to Deny Milwaukee "Conservative" Radio Licenses

November 1, 2012

The Media Action Center has filed Petitions to Deny the licenses of Clear Channel's WISN-AM and Journal Communications WTMJ-AM in Milwaukee.  
Both cite MAC's formal complaint to the FCC about the stations donating nearly a million dollars of free airtime to supporters of Gov. Scott Walker and other GOP candidates during last spring's recall election, while refusing to allow supporters of opposing candidate Mayor Tom Barrett and other Democratic candidates any access to station microphones whatsoever.  
The Petitions charge that WISN and WTMJ management willfully violated FCC rules during elections and furthermore, violated the First Amendment rights of the petitioners and the greater community of Milwaukee.

Wisconsin Media Prop up Ryan's Lying

October 22, 2012
Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan stepped into the vice presidential debate prepped with a cadre of misstatements to confuse voters (24, according to Think Progress' count.) But he didn't get away with much, what with Vice President Joe Biden giving him a drubbing ("Facts matter," Biden said again and again) and moderator Martha Raddatz repeatedly holding his feet to the proverbial fire.  No wonder he seemed rattled; he's never faced hard questions before.
The seven term congressman from Southeast Wisconsin is not used to reporters verifying statements or holding his feet to the fire because, throughout his career, he's been well coddled by Big Media owners so blatantly right wing they publicly brag about their power to get Wisconsin Republican candidates elected.

Putting Talk Radio on Trial at the FCC (Can the Supreme Court be Far Behind?)

June 1, 2012
Anyone remember a time when radio seemed friendly and informative, rather than hostile and manipulative?

I do. And I remember when it changed in 1996, after Bill Clinton signed the Telecommunications Act into law, and suddenly, huge corporations like Clear Channel began using our public airwaves -- those scarce radio frequencies which are owned by us ALL -- as a hammer to pummel Clinton and all other Democrats.

I've been working to correct the problem ever since 1998. I've advocated rewriting the Telecommunications Act, made the film Broadcast Blues to educate people about the problem, founded the Media Action Center to get local groups communicating with their local broadcasters, filed petitions to deny stations' licenses, and more.

Nothing worked.

But now, I believe I have found the legal means to put Talk Radio on trial at the FCC -- and perhaps eventually at the Supreme Court.

Standing Up in Wisconsin and Beyond for Our Rights in Radio!

May 19, 2012
Any time progressives try to get their views out over the radio, Conservative Talkers squawk that they are jeopardizing their rights of Free Speech.  I agree radio talkers have their rights.  But so do We the People, and it is time we stand up for them.  Right now.  Especially in the middle of an election like the Walker recall, where the law says BOTH major politcal party supporters are entitled to comparable airtime.

Most people don't know that we have special rights when it comes to local radio and TV, but we do.  Despite what Big corporate media tells us again and again, Broadcasting operates under unique rules designed to protect the public interest.  Let me explain why Broadcasting enjoys special treatment in the name of the public.

4 Days After Scathing Report, Clear Channel GM is Fired

May 4, 2012

The Sacramento Bee today confirmed that Jeff Holden, fourteen year General Manager of Clear Channel Sacramento, is summarily being replaced by radio veteran Dave Milner. 

The article gave no real reasons for the dismissal.  It is interesting to note, however, that it came just four days after the Media Action Center published a detailed report on its meeting with Sacramento Media Group, Occupy Sacramento, and Clear Channel execs Holden and Alan Eisenson.

FCC to Public: Boycott Rush and Leave Us Alone!

The FCC is wading into the Conservative Talk Radio debate, dipping its toe in the water just enough to make it seem it is doing its job in protecting the public interest in broadcasting, but not making enough of a ripple to rock the corporate lobbyists’ boat.
Surprisingly, given the general lack of response by the FCC to the general public, the federal agency instantly responded to a March 10th letter from Roger Smith, of the broadcast watchdog Sacramento Media Group.  Smith complained about the gross imbalance of political viewpoints on the public airwaves in Sacramento, citing a study that Clear Channel stations in Sacramento devote 190 hours per week to Right Wing talk, while devoting not a single minute to any other viewpoint (a model perpetuated throughout 90% of the country.)
The FCC responded with the following: 

Rush Limbaugh: Not the Only One with First Amendment Rights

UPDATE March 3, 2012.  Limbaugh is apologizing to Sandra Fluke for his choice of words."

Limbaugh has hurled insults before, but he hasn't apologized. But this time, sponsors are walking away.  No sponsors, no money. No money, no way to pay his $400 million contract. Presto, Clear Channel, which is already on the financial ropes goes bankrupt.

March 2, 2012

Rush Limbaugh does it again...  and of course it comes as no surprise.