Thank You for Voting for Real Media Reform!

Thanks to you, my suggested session for the Free Press National Media Reform Conference, "Empowering Local Communities by Holding the FCC Accountable" received the most votes in the competition in the Politics and Policy track!  This means it is very likely that we will be holding this panel, which is the first step to reminding the FCC who they work for:  We the People. 
     We will focus on creating a national, managed, publicized means of challenging broadcasters' licenses nationwide, working with existing regional media reform groups and Community TV and Radio.  It will be a brainstorming session to bring interested parties and funders together to create a new FCC Empowerment Project which will truly put the Public Interest back ahead of the corporate interest in broadcasting.
     We will use the case of the Sacramento Entercom station which killed a mother of three in a reckless water drinking contest as the initial case; that will garner nationwide publicity and will pressure the FCC to act in removing KDND's license. 
     The FCC has ignored We the People for long enough; it is time to get their attention on this critical issue of broadcast licenses.  Don't forget, stations get licenses for free - only if they serve the Public Interest. 
     Please see the Murder by Radio story - below on this blog - to learn why this case is so important. 
The full list of proposed sessions can be found here, see what other sessions are likely to be in the April Conference:

We the People are Taking the Media Back!


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