Media First, Last and Always

Yes, I am covering the whistleblower trial of James Long v State of North Dakota, (scroll below for daily updates,) 

But Media Reform is my number one issue, so I am leading with that.  I'll change up articles every day or so... no new content, but maybe a few new ideas for you!
It is interesting to note that a lone man is taking on the entire state of North Dakota, that for a time, every law enforcement agency in the state excused themselves from conducting proper internal investigations, and that the local newspaper, the Bismarck Tribune, has not sent a reporter to the courtroom. 

Here's a link to a story about the last trial I covered.  It was Strange v Entercom.  Murder by Radio. This will make you mad.

FCC Doesn't Need No Stinking Rules... but "Murder by Radio" has Got to Stop!

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