Wisconsin is Watching!

I've been on the ground in Wisconsin for less than 24 hours, and I do not remember a time I've received a more warm welcome.  To my delight, Milwaukee's Shepard Express alternatively newsweekly featured two stories about our project to reclaim Wisconsin's airwaves for their rightful owners, all the people of Wisconsin. 

'They Are the Public Airwaves, Not the Republican Airwaves'

By Lisa Kaiser

Issue of the Week: The Big Lie: Liberal Talk Radio Doesn't Sell

And yet a third, only to be found online:

Media Reform Activist Sue Wilson on Right-Wing Bias on the Airwaves

Thursday morning, I talked with Tony Castañeda on his "8 O'Clock Buzz"

And Friday, I talked with Sly Slyvester on "Sly in the Morning,"  WTDY

I'll be at FightingBobFest tomorrow, on the Sara Shultz show tomorrow morning, and at the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Landmark Auditorium tomorrow night.  See you there!

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