How Talk Radio and FOX News created the Tea Party

Folks seem to think that the Koch Brothers are the driving force behind the Tea Party.  Well, they are quite literally funding the busses that drive supporters from town to town to make it look like they have big crowds.  But even billionaires don't have the clout to create a national movement out of a grassroots gathering.  Only major media can do that.

Here is the video of the very first Tea Party rally Michael Stavros and I put together on April 15, 2009 in Sacramento. Rallies were promoted simultaneously throughout the country by, you guessed it, Talk Radio and Fox News.  THAT'S how the Tea Party movement was really born. 

Does Occupy Wall Street enjoy the same coverage?  No, because Talk Radio and FOX News only promote the pro-corporate side of the story. That's the only way "Conservatives" the "Right Wing" can remain in power.  They demonize this very real grassroots uprising to promote fear about it. 

Folks in Occupy LA asked me, "Who cares what Rush Limbaugh says?"  Answer: 20 million VOTERS who listen to him.


  1. They just re-energized the old John Birch Society ideology cultists. They got all the paranoid.."the gummit is trying to control ya all" crowd together and named them the Tea Party.

  2. Don't forget CNBC! CNBC helped create the Tea Party with Rick Santelli. That video is a pivotal TP moment.