Why Occupy Wall Street Needs to Occupy Radio!

In its September 29, 2011 Declaration of the Occupation of New York City, Occupy Wall Street wrote, "They purposefully keep people misinformed and fearful through their control of the media."  
And which media 1)reaches the most people, 2)promotes the most fear and disinformation, and 3) is legally subject to the will of the people?  
It's Radio! 

Compare these maps representing numbers and sizes of  "Conservative"
"Right Wing" radio stations and "Liberal" radio stations across the USA:

Then look at a map of the 2010 Midterm Election Results:

About 50 million Americans listen to Right Wing Talk Radio.

Now here's the SCARY part:
Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity have far more reach on Radio than Fox News.
You won't believe it until you
See These Charts!  

Radio is still the country's number one source of news and information,
but fewer than 10% of the country is able to hear any progressive talk radio.
Those who do tend to vote for more Democrats than those who do not.

How did this happen?
See the story from Broadcast Blues:

Find a real plan of action to take our media back at the Media Action Center .


  1. I achieved SEO status on Google after our first Occupy Justice Broadcast!
    New Group Effort...OCCUPY Justice Radio!!

    The Justice System has sold you out while you and your children suffer. You know how they've failed you. People in your communities have personally witnessed crimes committed and covered up, resulting in more suffering in your community. These crimes will be collected at our group page and exposed on the K2 Media Flotilla.

  2. A source or 2 for some of your graphics/charts would go a long way in helping your argument look less like an insane rambling.

  3. The maps you see come from my film Broadcast Blues. I commissioned Project Censored researcher Kate Sims to do an academic study of the country's radio stations, so the maps are statistically correct as of 2008. (Air America since went off the air, so there are fewer blue antennas today than are shown on that map.)

    The charts are already sourced. Please read them carefully.

    It does look insane, doesn't it? Actually, it is; truth can be stranger than fiction.