On Your Marks, Get Set, Go!

Once in Lifetime Opportunity to Own Local  Low Power FM Radio!

It's official:  Local community groups will finally have an opportunity to be heard on their own radio stations in their own towns.  The Federal Communcations Commission has announced the official process to apply for these low power FM stations, but there's a catch:  all applications must be filed between October 15 and October 29, 2013. 
The FCC says applicants must be local nonprofit educational organizations, Tribes or Tribally-controlled organizations, or state or local governments or a non-government entities which will promise to provide public safety radio service to their communities.  
It's no slam dunk; there will likely be fierce competition to get these free licenses to broadcast.  Applicants will also need to provide engineering studies, showing where their radio towers will be located, what areas will be served, proof that the signal will not interfere with other local radio frequencies, and more.  But these are not insurmountable tasks, and once awarded, winning applicants will be able to broadcast to their communities - forever! 
"The new LPFM rules are based in part on years of work by community radio advocates including Common Frequency. Our technical and policy recommendations are referenced over 70 times in the FCC's Sixth Report and Order," says Clay Leander, Common Frequency President.  "Now we are pleased to offer that same expertise to help groups develop winning applications so they can get on the air."
Says CF Vice President Vanessa Maria Graber, "We're excited to see the opportunity for a wave of new community radio stations, granted by the passing of the Local Community Act, finally come to fruition.  Common Frequency looks forward to getting many new stations on the air in the next coming years by using its collective expertise and background in building stations to provide support to Low Power FM hopefuls."
But the window on this once in a lifetime opportunity will close in just over three months, so there is no time to waste.  See lpfmNOW.org for more information, or contact Vanessa directly so Common Frequency can help your group win your own license to broadcast on the radio!

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