Broadcast Blues Sells out in Kansas!

September 27, 2009

Broadcast Blues played to a sell out crowd in the Kansas International Film Festival Wednesday.  The festival staff told the audience that "this is the most important documentary in the festival this year."  (Michael Moore's Capitalism: a Love Story played in KIFF, as did Fowl Play, and House of Numbers, so it was a great compliment.)

And better news still, they paved the way for this media reform film to go to Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival next month, which qualifies it for Academy Award consideration. 

But most important, it shows that the midwest is hungry for information about media reform! 

Kudos to Tom Klammer at Kansas City Community Radio KKFI !  Tom graciously interviewed me on his program "Tell Somebody!" (Tuesdays at 6PM on 90.1 FM,) and I am certain that is why we sold out;  so many people said they heard about it on KKFI. 

Tom also spearheaded a team to distribute promotional postcards of Broadcast Blues.  Our crowd showed how much interest there is in media issues, but Tom Klammer got out the crowd.

Thanks, Tom.

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