Personal Reflections on Opening Statements

September 20, 2009

Just a couple of personal observations: 

First, I had a bottle of water tucked into my bag, but found myself hiding it from Billy Strange,  I just didn't want him to see me drinking it.

Next, as we would wait for the judge to release the jury for each break, I became aware that I was getting uncomfortable, waiting for the chance to use tha bathroom, and that the jury must feel the same way.  And that every time we felt that way, we were reminded of the discomfort felt bt the contestants. 

I also could sympathize with Market Manager John Geary; I've worked in radio stations, and surely the top man is not apprised of every detail.  But the more the defense stressed the burdens of running six radio stations is the same market, the more I thought of we media reformers who would like to diversify media ownership.  One more argument in that favor, I would say.

Lastly, there was Billy Strange.  There is a gag order on this case, and reporters are not allowed to talk with him or the attorneys or witnesses.  But after the defense opening, I just wanted to give him a hug.  He looked as though he had lost his best friend.

And so he had.

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